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 New Recruit Speech

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PostSubject: New Recruit Speech   New Recruit Speech EmptyThu Nov 11, 2010 8:50 am

A quick note, Remember guys this is just the basic information that needs to be given to new recruits. We encourage everyone, once they become comfortable with the speech, to try and make the speech as natural sounding as possible and not just read it off a sheet of paper. Incorporate the information and slowly form your own "version" of the speech.

Official WAR Recruiting Speech

Welcome to WAR. Here at WAR our main goal is to maximize the amount of fun while playing with a group of cool and mature people. Our members are a select group of gamers hand picked from the Xbox Live Community that have shown themselves to be outstanding individuals. WAR offers its members a variety of nightly events such as Custom Game Nights, Squad Battles, Tournaments, Forge Nights, Weekly Clan Meetings, and much more.

WAR Members follow a simple set of rules that we call our “Honorable Rules of Engagement”. These rules simply state that there is to be no willfully offensive trash talking, tea bagging, harassment, racism, sexism, and discrimination or degradation of any kind towards any members or non members. There is to be no cheating of any kind such as glitching and modding is strictly prohibited in all but custom games. We ask that you limit your occurrence of appearing offline as it makes you unavailable to fellow clan members and leadership. WAR Members are not permitted to be a part of any other organized clan or gaming community without the approval of the Council. Basically it all winds down to being respectful, but remember respect must also be earned.

We generally prefer members over the age of 18. This general guideline is set to hope for the maturity that comes with age. However we do not discriminate against age. If a younger member wants to join our organization it either requires approval of Clan Leader or Section Leader.

WAR operates on a simple rank structure that consists of several different ranks with different responsibilities. These ranks include:

The rank of Recruit acts as a trial period to allow potential members to decide if they fit into and are a good match for WAR.

Responsibilities: Get to know officers and fellow clan mates, play with clan, come to meetings, and show interest in becoming a full Member. If after one week the Recruit shows desire to become a full member he or she may be promoted to the rank of Member.

Minimum time at rank:1 week (after three weeks without getting membership, Recruits may be asked to leave and try to attain membership at a later date).

Identification: “WAR (insert division name) Recruit” in the player’s motto

The rank of Member is a very relaxed rank for those who are either fairly new to WAR, or have been in WAR for quite some time and just want to enjoy the gaming experience. A Member may learn more about the organization and begin to find their place in WAR and start to show Leaders and Members alike that they want to be here and why.

Responsibilities: Come to meetings when possible, know the rules, play with the clan, have fun.

Minimum time at rank: 4 weeks.

Identification: “WAR (insert division name) Member” in the player’s motto.

The rank of Leader is set aside for members in the clan who show great knowledge of the rules and regulations and are recognized for having very high leadership skills. They are to fulfill their responsibilities as dictated by the Clan Leaders and higher of their respective branches. Leaders should be capable of resolving disputes among clan Members and extinguish drama without a continuous need of situation resolution from their peers and higher ranked leaders.

Responsibilities: Organize, run and oversee events to maintain the enjoyment of the organization. Also, run meetings if asked, and assist Clan Leaders and higher ranks in their tasks if asked or needed. Know the recruitment speech, maintain steady recruitment, and approve new recruits.

Minimum time at rank: 1 month.

Identification: “WAR (insert division name) Leader” in the player’s motto.

Clan Leader:
The rank of Clan Leader is for members who go above and beyond the expectations that were enlisted to them as Leaders. Clan Leaders have demonstrated an overwhelming display of leadership and understanding of the clan rules and structural workings. They have also demonstrated excellent ability to form non biased opinions and make non biased decisions for the better of the community and their branch. They are utilized within their branch as Section Leaders and Counsel see fit.

Assist in management of entire clan, manage assigned duties delegated by the upper leadership of their respective branch, may approve clan transfers, may approve recruits to join the clan, approve promotions to Member and Leader, assist in clan messaging, run member’s meetings, organize clan/branch wide events, and assist in maintenance and upkeep of forums, clan roster, and other records. A Clan Leader has the authority to remove a Member or a Recruit of their clan if they are found to not act in the interests of the organization.

Minimum Age to Attain this Rank: 18 years old

Identification: “WAR (insert division name) Clan Leader” in the player’s Motto.

The rest of the ranks handle most of the political side of WAR including but not limited to major community decisions and also ensuring the community is always set up to succeed and grow. These ranks consist of Section Leaders and Council.

WAR has a website, www.halo-war.com. It is very important that you register as soon as possible. On this site WAR members can keep up to date with news and announcements, as well as interact with other WAR clans and members on the forums. We have an entire community of dynamic people so get a few together and get out there and have some FUN!

New Recruit Speech Leadership
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New Recruit Speech
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