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 WAR Rules of Engagement

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WAR Rules of Engagement Empty
PostSubject: WAR Rules of Engagement   WAR Rules of Engagement EmptyThu Sep 20, 2007 6:45 pm

I. Honorable Rules of Engagement

a. No willfully offensive trash-talking, tea-bagging, harassment, sexism, racism, and discrimination or degradation of any kind will be tolerated toward members and/or non-members.

b. No cheating, such as glitches that prevent the other team from scoring.

c. No recruiting from other WAR branch by means of offering benefits to members to transfer in order to grow your branch. This does not include transfers by the member's choice.

d. Try to limit the occurrence of appearing offline as it makes you unavailable to fellow clan members and leadership.

f. WAR members are not allowed to be members of any other organized clan or gaming community without the approval of the Council.

g. Respect EVERYONE. Willful disrespect among members will be handled accordingly, but remember as well, respect must be earned!

II. Operational Rules of Engagement

a. We are a neutral organization. We are here to enjoy the game and find others who enjoy it in the same way. We operate with pride and character.

b. We generally prefer members over the age of 18. This general guideline is set to hope for the maturity that comes with age. However, we do not discriminate against age. If a younger member wants to join our organization, it requires
approval of a Clan Leader for 17 years of age. Members younger than that must be approved by a Section Leader or Council.

c. Clan transfers have to be approved by (a) Clan Leader of the clan the member is leaving, and to where the member is going, and (b) the Section Leader(s) overseeing both clans.

III. General Meeting Schedule

a. Leadership Meeting - Tuesday Evening at 9 pm Eastern - Clan Leaders and higher ranks are to attend. Leaders may only attend to represent their clan if their Clan Leader is not able to attend, or they are being looked at for Clan Leader and are learning the processes by which the upper leadership operates.

b. Council Meeting - Tuesday Evening after Leadership Meeting - ranks of Section Leader and higher are to attend.

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WAR Rules of Engagement
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