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 WAR Rank Structure

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PostSubject: WAR Rank Structure   WAR Rank Structure EmptyThu Sep 20, 2007 7:10 pm

Universal Rules of Rank Structure

The rank of Recruit acts as a trial period to allow potential members to decide if they fit into and are a good match for WAR.

Get to know officers and fellow clanmates, play with clan, come to meetings, and show interest in becoming a full Member. If after one week the Recruit shows desire to become a full member he or she may be promoted to the rank of Member.

Minimum time at rank:
1 week (after three weeks without getting membership, Recruits may be asked to leave and try to attain membership at a later date).

Identification: “WAR (insert division name) Recruit” in the player’s motto

The rank of Member is a very relaxed rank for those who are either fairly new to WAR, or have been in WAR for quite some time and just want to enjoy the gaming experience. A Member may learn more about the organization and begin to find their place in WAR and start to show Leaders and Members alike that they want to be here and why.

Responsibilities: Come to meetings when possible, know the rules, play with the clan, have fun.

Minimum Rank Requirement: Register on our web site.

Identification: “WAR (insert division name) Member” in the player’s motto.

The rank of Leader is set aside for members in the clan who show great knowledge of the rules and regulations and are recognized for having very high leadership skills. They are to fulfill their responsibilities as dictated by the Clan Leaders and higher of their respective branches. Leaders should be capable of resolving disputes among clan Members and extinguish drama without a continuous need of situation resolution from their peers and higher ranked leaders.

Organize, run and oversee events to maintain the enjoyment of the organization. Also, run meetings if asked, and assist Clan Leaders and higher ranks in their tasks if asked or needed. Know the recruitment speech, maintain steady recruitment, and approve new recruits. Leaders should be running at a minimum a weekly clan meeting and/or event. These meetings shall be to review current events and to coordinate events. Examples of these events are custom game nights, squad practices, comedy /karaoke nights, etc. A good guideline is one fun event every week for each Leader. Leaders should also be training new members about clan policies and driving our recruiting efforts. Leaders should also maintain all clan rosters on the forums.

Minimum Rank Requirement:
1 month in WAR and 5 new recruits within 2 months that have achieved Member status, and to maintain the rank, at least 2 more new recruits that have achieved member status per month from that point onward.

Identification: “WAR (insert division name) Leader” in the player’s motto.

Clan Leader:
The rank of Clan Leader is for members who go above and beyond the expectations that were enlisted to them as Leaders. Clan Leaders have demonstrated an overwhelming display of leadership and understanding of the clan rules and structural workings. They have also demonstrated excellent ability to form non biased opinions and make non biased decisions for the better of the community and their branch. They are utilized within their branch as Section Leaders and Counsel see fit.

Assist in management of entire clan, manage assigned duties delegated by the upper leadership of their respective branch, may approve clan transfers, may approve recruits to join the clan, approve promotions to Member and Leader, assist in clan messaging, run member’s meetings, organize clan/branch wide events, and assist in maintenance and upkeep of forums, clan roster, and other records. A Clan Leader has the authority to remove a Member or a Recruit of their clan if they are found to not act in the interests of the organization. Clan Leaders are responsible for administering a specific clan’s overall functioning. Clan Leaders must be experts in delegating and training tasks. Clan Leaders will be responsible for assigning tasks to a team of “Leaders” to run the clan meetings and events and train them on the best way to achieve their responsibilities. Clan leaders shall provide guidance as necessary and ensure all meetings are being held, the clan is actively growing and recruiting, and that everyone is having fun.

Minimum Rank Requirements:
18 years old. 1 Month in WAR as the clan's "Senior" Leader, and 5 new recruits within 2 months as a Leader that have achieved Member status, and to maintain the rank, at least 2 more new recruits that have achieved member status per month from that point onward.

Identification: “WAR (insert division name) Clan Leader” in the player’s Motto.

The next 3 ranks handle most of the political side of WAR. When in a party with them, they deserve the utmost respect!

Section Leader:
Section Leaders are War Lords and WAR Mongers who carry out tasks and responsibilities as directed by the Council, and also oversee and manage branches within each division of war. They test Leaders, as needed, from clans in their knowledge and understanding of leadership and WAR structure. There is no minimum or maximum amount of clans a Section Leader must oversee, that is left to their Council's discretion. Generally, to achieve this rank, they must have shown outstanding leadership skills and have grown and successfully split at least one clan.

Oversee branches as the Council sees fit, test leadership knowledge of Clan Leaders, assist in making WAR wide decisions, assist in management and upkeep of the WAR forums, approve clan transfers and WAR gamer-tags, approve recruits at the age of 17 and under to join the clan, run branch officer meetings to convey goals of the Council and get feedback on branch progress, and assist the Council at any capacity requested. A Section Leader has the authority to remove a Clan Leader or a Leader of their clan(s) if they are found to not act in the interests of the organization. A Section Leader is also responsible for making sure the clan(s) they oversee show continuous growth and prosperity for the benefit of the organization.

Minimum Rank Requirements:
Having split your original clan and have successfully overseen both the original clan and the split for 1 month. Also, you must have been in WAR for a period of no less than 3 months.

Identification: “WAR Section Leader” followed by section in their motto, and Identified by "WL" (stands for War Lord) or "WM" (stands for War Monger) at end of gamer-tag.

Council are World Warriors who overlook the clans as a whole. Council have the ability to change or modify any rule with a majority vote, however, the viewpoints and opinions of lower ranked leadership shall always be taken into serious consideration. Council work in close conjunction with Section Leaders to help them asses the status of clans within their section and possible solutions for any problems that are taking place within that section. Council are not tied to any section of clan specifically; instead they move between clans, at any given interval, in order to asses the clan and offer any advice that the other leadership may want. Council also have the authority to override decisions made by lower ranks if they deem serves the best interest of the community.

Oversee all of WAR, offer advice to Section Leaders regarding different sections of the clan, work closely with anyone to solve any problems within WAR, manage business activities.

Minimum Rank Requirements: Must be a successful Section Leader for at least one month and be voted in by majority vote of existing Council members.

Identification: "WAR Council(man/woman)" in motto and identified by "WW" (stands for World Warrior) at end of gamer-tag.

Technical Consultants:
The rank of Technical Consultant is reserved for long standing Leaders, Clan Leaders, Section Leaders and Council who can no longer complete their obligations at that rank. Technical Consultants do not have ties to any particular clan; rather they offer their options on issues within the upper leadership and help maintain the organizations forums. With issues of a TC having moderator statuses and/or forum administration access will be determined as a case by case basis by their peers, dependent on availability and necessity. When a Technical Consultant has been absent from both meetings and leadership discussions for an extended period of time, the upper leadership may feel it necessary to downgrade their membership to a Retired War Member position and will void all voting, moderation, and admin privileges. Upon increase in activity a Veteran may be graduated back to the full rank of a full TC and may work their way to/from a TC as desired.

Responsibilities:Offer options on upper leadership issues, help maintain organizational forums

Identification: “WAR Technical Consultant” in motto
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WAR Rank Structure
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